Project 1: Final Product

That’s all, folks!

My final three images for the typographic portraits:



For information about how these images were made, check out my updates:


Illustrator Tutorial Notes and Critique Notes

Weekend Update

Illustrator Files:




(Link to Google Drive require account)

One thought on “Project 1: Final Product

  1. allisonjarman says:

    Cultural references we pick up from your work include the accident resulting in injury, the magazine type clipping letter for the hostage note, and the stereotypical magician icons such as the bunny, top hat, bow tie, and wand. These elements mostly contribute positively to our understanding, however we did not understand the “hostage” until someone else explained to us that is was using magazine clipped letters. There are inconsistencies and a disconnection with the paper background and the way the finger is placed as well as how the paper is crinkled and the letters are not. Ways to improve this could be making the edges of the paper visible; create it to be more like a ransom note. Working the letters into the paper in a more effective way-like matching the crinkles.

    We agree it could be more effective in the first one to make the other letters 3D as well as the magician wand letters- try to keep 3D or 2D aspects cohesive, when they are not cohesive this adds to feeling a disconnect in the viewers understanding. The shadow underneath the fallen A is effective.

    -Allison and Gaku


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